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About Georgia Career Information Center

The Georgia Career Information Center is a research and outreach center located at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. The center partners with various public, private, state and national agencies to provide career management information and services for students, counselors, career advisors, administrators, and industry professionals. The center is nationally recognized for the high quality of its information and for its innovative efforts in the delivery of career information.

GCIC is a member of a 20-state consortium composed of state agencies, state universities, and non-profit organizations. The mission is to provide research-based career development resources that meet or exceed standards for quality, integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility.

Georgia Career Information System (GCIS)

The Georgia Career Information System (GCIS) is the center’s primary initiative. Working with educational and labor market professionals, GCIS contains assessments, explorations, and search strategies as well as the most comprehensive and accurate state and national occupational and educational information. In addition to career management tools for individuals, tools are available to assist administrators. The GCIS site is a password-protected website at Ask your counselor or administrator for the user name and password.

Georgia Career Information System Junior (GCIS Junior)

The Georgia Career Information System Junior (GCIS Junior) provides prerequisite career development in a fun and rewarding structure. GCIS Junior helps answer three basic questions: Who Am I?, Where Am I Going?, and How Do I Get There?

GCIS Junior is ideal for elementary and middle school students, special populations, and in environments where refresher or inception career exploration is key.

The GCIS Junior site is a password-protected website at Ask your counselor or administrator for the user name and password.

Information Parents Can Use (IPCU)

Information Parents Can Use (IPCU) is a series of online brochures that enable parents, teachers, counselors, graduation coaches, and administrators to become involved in their students’ career and education planning process.

Georgia Technical College School Sort

This school sort helps students and adult learners explore two-year public schools that are part of the Technical College System of Georgia. Using school, program of study, and state demographic data students can determine "best-fit" options before applying.
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