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About Georgia Career Information System

The Georgia Career Information Center operates the Georgia Career Information System (GCIS). Working with educational and labor market professionals, GCIS contains assessments, explorations, and search strategies as well as the most comprehensive and accurate state and national occupational and educational information. In addition to career management tools for individuals, tools are available to assist administrators.

GCIS provides Georgia’s students and adult learners with vital career information.

GCIS is used in Georgia's elementary, middle, and high schools; colleges and universities; technical colleges; Employment Service offices; Rehabilitation Services offices; Department of Labor offices; Department of Family and Children Services offices; Department of Juvenile Justice; and public libraries.

This year Georgians will access GCIS at more than 1,400 sites throughout the state.



Occupation Sort - Generates a list of occupations that use your abilities and interests

Occupation Sort Classic - Generates a list of occupations that use your skills, abilities, and interests

SKILLS Assessment - Links occupations with self-assessed skills

Interest Profiler - Identifies work activity interests and matches them with GCIS occupations

Work Importance Locator - Identifies work values and matches them with GCIS occupations

School Sort - Creates a list of colleges and universities that match your perferences

Financial Aid Sort - Generates a list of financial awards that match your preferences

IDEAS™ - Provides a self-assessment tool that identifies career-related interests and matches them with GCIS occupations

Reality Check - Compares costs of living with career and educational goals

Career Cluster Inventory - Creates a list of occupations based on your preferences

Assessment Link - Links results of common assessments with GCIS occupations



Occupations - Contains descriptions of hundreds of occupations (Career Videos in English and Spanish)

Job Search - Offers advice about creating résumés and looking for a job

Keep That Job - Provides information about real-life skills and good job habits

Self-Employment - Examines how to start and run your own business

Military Employment - Describes career options in the military

Industries - Describes Georgia and national industries

Career Profiles - Provides a first person perspective about careers



Programs of Study - Describes admission requirements, course work, and instructional programs

Georgia Schools - Provides detailed information on schools in Georgia (2-year, 4-year, technical, and vocational)

U.S. Schools - Offers detailed information about national 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities

Financial Aid - Examines forms of financial assistance, such as scholarships, grants, and loans as well as tips, descriptions, links, and deadlines

Program Profiles - Provides a first-person perspective about programs of study and training


My Portfolio

The GCIS My Portfolio is an online, personal career folder to store your career research, educational plans, assessment and interest inventory results, financial awards, schools, occupations, programs of study, favorite items, personal plans, accomplishments, extracurricular activities, skills and abilities, awards and certificates, and job search information.

The GCIS My Portfolio offers a career plan of action using career information and assessments in GCIS along with career development worksheets and activities. My Portfolio in GCIS includes the following components for career enrichment:

My Career Plan
Create, review, and update a career and education plan
My Course Plan
Generate and edit a multi-year education plan
My GCIS Favorites
View, edit, and delete saved career and educational development research
My GCIS Sorts and Assessments
View, edit, and delete outcomes from partial and completed assessments and sorting strategies
My Education and Work History
Store employment and education information used to build and format résumés
My Files and Links
Upload documents and save useful links
My Message
Send and receive messages from site administrators, staff, parents, and visitors
My Visitors
Invite people to view and critique a read-only version of portfolio (Optional)
My Parents
Track progress on recommended and/or required components (Optional)
My Checklists
Track progress on recommended and/or required components (Optional)
My Next Step
Identify your next career and education goals


Administration Tools

Administration Tools give administrators, counselors, graduation coaches, teachers, and career advisors the ability to manage portfolios at their sites.

Reports - Generate site statistics, activity summaries, and site usage reports

Links - Access implementation support materials and resources

BRIDGE Act - Track, monitor, and report BRIDGE Act completion to the Georgia Department of Education

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