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About Georgia Career Information System Junior

The Georgia Career Information Center operates the Georgia Career Information System Junior (GCIS Junior). The GCIS Junior provides prerequisite career development in a fun and rewarding structure. The GCIS Junior helps answer three basic questions:




Who am I?

Find out more about yourself

Where am I going?

Start planning your future

How do I get there?

Set your plans into motion

The GCIS Junior is ideal for elementary and middle school students, special populations, and in environments where refresher or inception career exploration is key.

The GCIS Junior is used in Georgia's elementary, middle, and high schools; colleges and universities; technical colleges; Employment Service offices; Rehabilitation Services offices; Department of Labor offices; Department of Family and Children Services offices and Department of Juvenile Justice.

Reports - View one page summary of career plan reflections.


Who am I?

Where am I going?

How do I get there?

Learning about me


Employability skills

Learning about my community

Career clusters


Learning about my school


Planning for high school

My network

Reality Check

Planning for college


Making decisions



Action plans



My career plans


GCIS Junior My Portfolio

The GCIS Junior My Portfolio is an online, personal career folder to store your occupations, educational plans, assessment results, favorite items, accomplishments, extracurricular activities, skills and abilities, and awards and certificates.

The GCIS Junior My Portfolio offers a plan of action using career information and assessments in GCIS Junior along with career development worksheets and activities. My Portfolio in the GCIS Junior includes the following components for career enrichment:


My Career Plan


Organizes exploration using the stages of career development

My Course Plan

Provides an electronic multi-year education outline

My Education and Work History

Stores employment and educational information for résumé building and creation

Administration Tools

Administration Tools give administrators, counselors, graduation coaches, teachers, and career advisors the ability to manage portfolios at their sites.

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