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What I Do: If you were to come to the restaurant where I work, I would be the first person to greet you. That's my job -- to make our customers feel welcome. If other people were ahead of you, I would take your name, note the number in your party, and show you where to wait. When a table became available, I would call your name, lead you and your party to your table, and provide everyone with menus. If there were children in your group, I would arrange for a high chair or a booster seat. Finally, I would tell you who was going to be your waiter or waitress.

Best & Hardest Parts of My Job: I enjoy my job a lot. The restaurant where I work is very nice and the food is delicious! I know my job is important because I'm the first person customers meet when they come in. Greeting everyone with a big smile and a friendly hello makes them feel glad to be at our restaurant. But things can get hectic on Friday and Saturday nights, our busiest times of the week. Sometimes customers get annoyed if they have to wait more than five minutes for a table!

How I Got Started: I started out as a dining room worker, clearing tables of dirty dishes. After a while, I wanted to do something different, even though I liked working here. My manager noticed my friendly personality and my mature attitude and offered me this job when it became available. Come to our restaurant and I'll make you feel right at home!

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