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What I Do: As an archivist, I work in the special collections department of a university library. A very famous author has donated all of her manuscripts, papers, and letters to our department. I catalogue each item in the collection and preserve them through proper storage. I assist scholars who come here to conduct research, and I also expand our collection by acquiring other items related to this author. Sometimes I give lectures and prepare exhibits for the library.

Best & Hardest Parts of My Job: I love my job because it is so interesting! Not only have I met a famous author, but I have also met scholars from around the world who use our collection for their research. My talent for organization is put to good use in this job. It can be very challenging to keep track of and retrieve literally hundreds of pieces of paper!

How I Got Started: I have always loved original manuscripts and majored in English in college. I then went on to earn a master's degree in archives and library science and took courses in document preservation. I also did an internship, which exposed me to the daily activities of a professional archivist. I always encourage students to get some hands-on experience before they apply for a job in this field.

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