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What I Do: As a court reporter, I record words spoken aloud in the courtroom during a trial. Using a special machine called a stenotype, I document court proceedings. As people speak, I type their words on the stenotype. A computer then translates the stenotype text into regular English. My job is extremely important because I provide the official transcript for a trial. Not only must I be accurate in what I record, but I must also be fast. Court reporters typically capture 225 words per minute!

Best & Hardest Parts of My Job: I liked secretarial work, but I wanted to do more than type letters and reports. Being a court reporter is a great job because I hear such interesting cases, everything from murder to armed robbery! But this job also requires intense concentration. I'm always under pressure to keep up with speakers and make sure I record their words accurately.

How I Got Started: After working as a legal secretary, I enrolled in a two-year training program approved by the National Court Reporters Association. I learned how to use a stenotype machine and worked hard to increase my speed. I took a state certification exam after graduating, and now I'm a Certified Court Reporter. I'm proud of my skills, and I enjoy my work.

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