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What I Do: Have you ever looked around a building and thought it would look better another way. If you have, then you might be a good architect, like me! I design and plan buildings for clients. I work with clients, letting them know how much their building will cost and making sure the finished building will fit their needs. It's a lot of responsibility, but I really enjoy creating something special.

Best & Hardest Parts of My Job: My job is fun, but sometimes I have to work really long hours, and I often have strict deadlines for finishing my designs and for finishing the whole building. However, when I see my designs turned into buildings and when I can walk up and down hallways that I drew, it's all worth it!

How I Got Started: I've always loved to design buildings. At school, I studied hard, particularly in math, computer, and drafting classes. I knew that in order to become an architect, I would need to get a college degree. But even after I finished college, I still had to get licensed so that I could work in Georgia. It was a lot of work, but it paid off! Now I'm designing hospitals, schools, business offices, and dream homes all over town!

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