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What I Do: As an employment recruiter for a telecommunications company, my job is to hire the best possible employees for my company. I spend most of my time on the road, visiting college campuses and taking part in community job fairs. I provide information about the positions we have available and the qualifications we require. I screen applicants to make sure they qualify, then I interview them at length to determine whether they might be good candidates. Depending on the position, they may also have to take a test. When I decide that an applicant is the best candidate for the job, I make a formal offer of employment.

Best & Hardest Parts of My Job: It's always satisfying to match the right person to the right job. I really enjoy my work because I get to meet all sorts of interesting people. I especially like interacting with students when I make recruiting trips to colleges and universities. But being a recruiter also means making difficult choices. Sometimes I have to decide between two candidates, both of whom are well qualified. It's never easy telling someone that he or she didn't get the job!

How I Got Started: I've always been a real people-person, and I wanted a career that involved meeting the public. After researching various career options in college, I decided to major in business with a concentration in human resources. I took classes in personnel management, labor law, recruitment, compensation, and training and development. After graduation, I was hired by a recruiter! for a management position at my company. I have a great career and look forward to the challenges of each new day.

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