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How I Got Started: I really enjoyed choir, at my church and my school. Singing is fun, so no one was surprised when I decided I wanted to learn more about choral music. I took the chorus class that we had in my school, and I also learned how to play an instrument in band so that I could learn more about reading and playing music. These classes taught me the basics, preparing me for harder study when I entered college.

What I Want to Study: I want to study choral music because I really enjoy singing and have a strong appreciation for every aspect of the field. Part of my studies will include taking history of music, applied music, and music fundamentals. I need to make sure that I understand the various aspects of music and how it all fits together, such as melodies and harmonies, tempo, and rhythm.

What I Can Do in the Future: With a major in choral music, I can conduct and lead choirs in schools and churches, becoming the choir director for the organization I choose. I may even be able to manage and lead a professional choir! I can also compose choral music, which is exciting since choirs around the world may one day sing my works.

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