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How I Got Started: When I was in elementary school I had a scoliosis test to see if I had a straight or a curved spine. Well, it turned out that my spine was more curved than it was straight. In order for my back to straighten out, I went to a chiropractor who helped my back. She adjusted my back and also taught me some neat exercises to do.

What I Want to Study: I want to study chiropractics to help other people who are having trouble with their backs. Most of the classes I need to take in college are science related, like anatomy, biochemistry, and neurophysiology.

What I Can Do in the Future: After I finish up my studies in chiropractics, the first thing I want to do is get licensed in my state, so I can use my education to practice chiropractics. With my license, I am able to become a chiropractor, teach chiropractics, or learn more about massage therapy.

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