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How I Got Started: My dad and I take trips to see air shows all the time. The air shows are filled with different types of aircrafts. Some of them are just on display and some of them are flying in the air doing stunts. I love seeing the different types of airplanes and learning about what they are used for. Some of them are so big that you can fit trucks inside of them, and some are so advanced that they can lift off of the ground and fly without using a runway. When I am older I want to work with different aircrafts. I would like to help design them and maybe even fly!

What I Want to Study: Airplanes use a lot of modern technology and navigation systems. If I study aeronautical and aerospace engineering technology, I will learn to build and test flight systems and maintain and repair tools and instruments. I can take Physics for Engineers, Thermodynamics, and Space Mechanics to help me learn more about aircrafts. These courses require a lot skill in math and science.

What I Can Do in the Future: After studying aeronautical and aerospace engineering technology, I can choose from many jobs.I can be an aircraft mechanic and repair aircrafts and engines to make sure they are safe and dependable.I can also be an aerospace engineer. They design and construct aircraft and spacecraft, including missiles and rockets.If I was more interested in drawing and researching, I could be an engineering technician.They are responsible for preparing drawings, searching records, and inspecting constructed products to make sure they meet all the requirements.

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