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Russian Quick Pick
(Answer the questions below and see if you can learn a little more about Russia.)

1. Which of these is a traditional Russian meal?
a. Lasagna
b. Beef Straganov
c. Vegetable Lo Mein

2. What is the main religion in Russia?
a. Christianity
b. Buddhism
c. Judaism

3. How would you say "What is your name" in Russian?
a. Quel est ton nom
b. Como te llamas
c. Kak vas zavut

4. Which of these is a famous Russian athlete?
a. Anna Kournikova
b. Michael Jordan
c. Surya Bonaly

5. What are the colors of the Russian flag?
a. Blue, Green, Yellow
b. Red, White, Blue
c. Black, Red, Green

6. What is the capitol of Russia?
a. Moscow
b. Saint Petersburg
c. Omsk

7. What is a famous example of Russian architecture?
a. The Golden Gate Bridge
b. Stonehenge
c. The Kremlin

8. Which of these rivers runs through Russia?
a. Volga
b. Mississippi
c. Euphrates

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