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How I Got Started: I've always enjoyed drawing and painting. However, when I was a teenager, I realized that I could draw on the computer. It opened up a whole new world! I could make multiple copies of my works, even putting them on the Internet. I learned how to animate my drawings and make still pictures come alive. I took computer and drawing classes in high school, hoping to learn more about both. If I can study this more, I can have a career doing what I love, working with graphic design.

What I Want to Study: In school, I need specific classes in graphic design. I should study 2D and 3D Design on Computers and Digital Photography. However, I also need to expand my artistic ability with classes in Drawing and Painting. An understanding of art history is also important. When I finish my required classes, I want to take a course in Portfolio Development, so I can show off my work! A professional portfolio will definitely help me get a better job.

What I Can Do in the Future: With a degree in Graphic Design, I can work in a lot of online careers. One option is to be an animator, making computer generated cartoons. Graphic designers are wanted by many businesses to be web designers or website creative directors. I may also decide to become a desktop publisher, creating books, magazines, newsletters, and newspapers on computers to prepare them for publication. I love creating art and working with computers, and as a graphic designer, I can do both.

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