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How I Got Started: I was born in China. I moved to the United States with my family when I was five years old, and now we are all American citizens. I love living in the U.S., but I also enjoy visiting my family in China. Whenever I am there we eat and dance and have a great time! We also talk a lot about the economic and political relationship between the U.S. and China, along with current events across the world. Because I'm a native of China and a U.S. citizen I am familiar with, and understand, two very different cultures.

What I Want to Study: I want to get my bachelor's degree in international relations. In this program I will take courses in a variety of disciplines like economics, political science, business, history, and anthropology. My classes will be structured around studying the international community. This means that I will learn about international business and politics, as well as global trade and finance. In addition, I will be required to take courses in another language. Many students majoring in international relations decide to take on another major or minor in the language they decide to learn. I already know how to speak Chinese, but I plan to take language courses in Japanese.

What I Can Do In the Future: Businesses that are looking to expand operations in other countries often hire on people with degrees in international relations as business executives and analysts. This is because people with this major are familiar with international trade and business practices. In addition, the federal government has many opportunities for individuals who can speak other languages and understand other cultures. Maybe I'll even try to work for a university and recruit students for the study abroad program. More than anything, however, I'd like to become a U.S. diplomat to China and work on strengthening the bond between the two countries that mean the most to me!

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