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How I Got Started: Every year my family takes a trip to the lake. I love going there because we bring our boat and spend most of our time out on the water. We do everything from fishing, to swimming, and even water skiing. I love being on the boat with my family but I'm not old enough to drive it yet. You have to know all the rules and take a test before you can get your license. I want to learn everything I can about maritime traditions, law, and policies so I can operate our boat or even one day navigate a ship on the ocean. ~

What I Want to Study: Maritime science programs teach people everything they need to know about operating a ship. Students will learn how ships are built, how to pilot small and large boats, and how to use the computers to chart courses and predict the weather. It is also important for someone to know how to navigate in different bodies of water and how to avoid collisions. Classes such as, calculus, introduction to nautical science, and ship structure will help students gain a better understanding of maritime science.

What I Can Do In the Future: After earning a degree in maritime science I can be a deckhand and steer the ship and maintain the ships logs' under the supervision of the officers. I could also be a ship captain and command and navigate the ship. They are responsible for setting the course and speed and directing other crew members. If I was more interested in maintaining the ship I could be a ship engineer. They operate, maintain, inspect, and repair ship engines and other equipment.

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